Do you Need a Bankruptcy Attorney or you Can File on Your Own?


 Taking the initiative to admit one is finally filing for bankruptcy is not as easy as many people have been misled to believe. Filing for bankruptcy is the second top-rated legal suit that comes second to criminal law and family law when it comes to court cases in Fresno, and pretty much anywhere else in the world today.  Well, it should not surprise you to know there are people who file for bankruptcy without attorneys.

However, chapter 13 can get ugly when you are filing for bankruptcy and have existing loans such as a car loan, mortgage, or any other form of financing that you took with collateral.  Secured debt means you will have to deal with your creditor first to reach an agreement whether or not it would be wise to redeem the asset attached or you can get a reaffirmation agreement.   A good chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will always come in handy in such a case scenario to offer wise counsel and help with the negotiation process.

Should you decide to file for bankruptcy without an attorney, it means you will have to be very familiar and knowledgeable on the process, what property and assets you are allowed to exempt.  With all the paperwork and legal processes involved, not to mention the mere fact you are going through a tough time, it might be too overwhelming to prepare a detailed chapter 13 draft that shows your financial transactions in a stipulated period. This is where you get hands-on personal attention and easy access to a bankruptcy attorney who will work and walk with you to make the burden a little easier than it already is. Get more facts about attorneys at

The question then begs where to find the right attorney for the job.   Probably there is an attorney who has been talking to you on television, or you probably have contacts from a billboard advertisement.   You are probably thinking of checking online, or asking your close acquaintances to send you references.  All these are good alternatives to finding the perfect chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney to work with. 

 You might also want to look at how much legal representation will cost you when it comes to filing for bankruptcy.   It is often a contentious issue considering you are dealing with money problems in the first place.   In general, you should expect a flat fee rate from your chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney at, who may probably go up slightly higher should you be filing for bankruptcy as a couple.   Ideally, the cost is often determined by how complex the situation at hand is.